Call for Volunteers

About TESOL Turkey Promotion Professional Council (PPC)

PPC, currently formed of seven members including the PPC Board Liaison who sits on the Board of Directors, supports TESOL Turkey by disseminating information that is aligned with the association’s mission and strategic direction through various channels with the aim of generating and maintaining interest in the association. Among its various responsibilities – ranging from the preparation of all TESOL Turkey publications and visuals to the maintenance of the website – is the management of social network to enhance TESOL Turkey’s online presence and visibility on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Profile of the New Member

The PPC is looking for a new PPC member who will work with the current members involved in the management of social media to create, publish and analyze content as well as to engage and interact with social media users.

The new member of the PPC must:

·     Be a member of TESOL Turkey in good standing (having paid the membership fee) who has had membership with the association for one year or more;

·     Demonstrate  a willingness to work as part of a team, and communicate with other members of the council in a timely manner;

·     Be able and willing to spent time on TESOL Turkey social media networks on a regular basis to engage and interact with users;

·     Have strong time management skills and be able to meet deadlines;

·     Be able to use basic digital tools such as Canva necessary to create visually appealing content.

How to Apply

To apply for the position, please complete the form here by midday 10 June 2022.

For further questions, please contact PPC Board Liaison
Sibel Tüzel Kandiller.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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