Membership Agreement

Who can apply for membership?

In accordance with Article 3 of TESOL Türkiye’s constitution, every natural and legal entity who has the capacity to act, who adopts the mission and vision of the Association and agrees to work towards these goals, who bears the qualities prescribed by the constitution, as well as professionals who teach English at different levels, who conduct studies at national and international levels, who provide training on teacher/trainer education and who work at administrative positions in the field of English language teaching possesses the right to become a member of TESOL Türkiye. Students working towards a B.A. degree in English Language Teaching can only apply for membership following graduation. To become a member, real persons need to have a Turkish identity number or, in the case of foreign applicants, a passport number and residence/work permit. No such condition is required for honorary membership.

How is an application made?

Membership applications are made online and evaluated by the Board of Directors. To begin the application process, applicants must first register with the TESOL Türkiye Website, after which they will log in and fill out the required forms (Personal Details, Educational Background and Professional Background) available under ‘Profile’. Applicants need also to upload a copy of their ID as well as a photo and make the membership initiation payment to complete the application process. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Notification regarding the decision for the initiation or rejection of a membership request shall be sent to the applicant in maximum thirty (30) days.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members in good standing have free subscription to TESOL Türkiye Professional ELT Magazine Online - published biannually - and the annual Newsletter. They also receive a discount on IATEFL memberships as well as at seminars, workshops, local events, teacher and trainer training courses, webinars and the annual conference. They hold the opportunity to request roadshows to their institutions, join one or more of TESOL Türkiye’s Special Interest Groups (SIGS), become actively involved in one of the Boards, Professional Councils, Committees or Task Forces, and apply for scholarships & awards.

How does a member remain in good standing?

To benefit from the opportunities listed above, members need to maintain the qualities prescribed by the constitution for membership, comply with to the constitution of the Association and the decisions made by the bodies of the Association, demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the Association, and annually renew their membership.

How are memberships renewed?

Members are expected to keep the information in their website profiles up-to-date. To renew their membership, members must pay their annual memberships dues online. Members whose dues are overdue will not to able to access features of the website reserved for members only until they have made the payment.

How does a member leave membership?

According to Article 4 of TESOL Türkiye’s constitution, each member has the right to leave the Association provided they notify the Association of the resignation in writing. Once the resignation petition reaches the Board of Directors, resignation procedures are considered to have been completed. Resignation from membership does not end accountability for the accumulated debts of the member to the Association.

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