TESOL Türkiye LAMSIG Biennial Conference 2023



TESOL Türkiye - LAMSIG invites you to a face-to-face event at Acıbadem University on 25 February (whole day). The event theme is Systems Thinking in ELT Leadership and Management and we welcome all ELT professionals who are interested in educational management and leadership.


We are swimming in systems. There are those that impact us: YÖK, YÖKAK, the Ministry of Labor, the educational institutions in which we operate, accrediting bodies, and so on.  Then, there are those that we ourselves impact: Curriculum, Assessment, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Student Services, and so on.  However, do we ever stop and think about how the systems in our orbit function – individually and collectively?  Do we spend time reflecting on the effectiveness and efficiency of the systems with which we interact on a daily basis?  Here is a chance.  We are bringing together for one day (25 February) some great systems thinkers from outside the field and within. Come and take part in LAMSIG’s biennial conference at Acibadem University. We promise an informative, thought-provoking, but certainly fun day focused on systems and networking.  If you are a current ELT leader or manager – or it is on your career path – then please don’t hesitate to come and see what Systems Thinking, and LAMSIG are all about.


The event will include three plenary talks – The first one by Assistant Professor Gaye Ceyhan, Boğaziçi University and Meltem Ceylan Alibeyoğlu, Research & Development Coordinator, Darüşşafaka Eğitim Kurumları, the second one by Assistant Prof. Esra Bal, Acıbadem University, and the third one by Matthew Benton, Director of Foreign Languages at Bahçeşehir College & CEO at Mentora Education Group. The plenaries will be followed by four micro-presentations related to the theme of the event. The conference will conclude with a lively problem-based interactive session.


Registration deadline: February 19, 2023.


We look forward to seeing you in İstanbul, on February 25, 2023!




PLENARY by Gaye Ceyhan and Meltem Ceylan Alibeyoğlu

Systems Thinking in Education

Systems thinking is the science that utilizes the holistic perspective to help individuals better understand complex and dynamic systems. A systems thinking approach based on system dynamics helps us to see the change of problems over time, the structure that creates the problems and the factors affecting this structure, and the causal loops within the structure. Managing organizations can be effectively approached using systems thinking approach, which considers the interactions and interdependencies of various components within a system. This approach allows leaders to understand how different divisions or teams within an organization are interconnected and impact one another, ultimately working towards a common goal. Systems thinking allows leaders to see the big picture and focus on maximizing performance within the organization. The aim of this talk is to explore the organization structures through systems thinking practices and system dynamic tools. Participants will be able to briefly explain the systems thinking approach and identify specific interactions in a complex system.


PLENARY by Esra Bal

Linking Organizational Strategy to Performance: The Role of HR Systems

This presentation will focus on the role of Human Resources as a crucial partner that enables the implementation of leadership strategy in an organization. As part of the discussion, main HR functions that leaders need to keep in mind to implement the organization’s vision will be introduced. Among these, especially the role of employee selection, performance management and training and development in linking strategy to effective performance will be highlighted. Also, the case of a higher education institution in Turkey that has started efforts to restructure its HR system will be shared.

PLENARY by Matthew Benton

Thinking About Systems Post Hoc: School System Level Leadership in Türkiye’s Largest Private K-12 Institution

The central challenge of school system level leadership is ensuring standardization of quality across all locations. In this talk, we will discuss efforts to systematize operations and increase quality and accountability in the foreign languages department of a massive Turkish private school system, with over 150 locations in 60 Turkish cities and towns. We will take a quick look at a wide range of program development areas, including organizational culture, curriculum design, academic resource development, teacher development, the establishment of standardized HR policies and more. We will also touch on the school system’s current efforts to achieve international accreditation and the many challenges this presents. Participants will get a glimpse of all that goes into managing one of the world’s largest private K-12 educational organizations.


Conference Fee:

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Non-Tesol-Türkiye Members: 350 TL 

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TESOL Türkiye LAMSIG Biennial Conference 2023
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