We are thrilled to announce our affiliation with TESOL Greece, a distinguished organization dedicated to the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). TESOL Türkiye has forged a partnership with TESOL Greece, signifying our commitment to fostering collaboration and cooperation between our associations.

This agreement, which remains valid until revoked by either party, outlines the terms of our collaboration and signifies our commitment to enhancing the quality of English language education.

By joining forces, TESOL Türkiye and TESOL Greece aspire to advance the professional development of English language teachers and contribute to the growth of the TESOL community. Through our collective efforts, we seek to share expertise, exchange resources, and explore innovative approaches to English language instruction.



Through this partnership, TESOL Türkiye and TESOL Greece strive to promote professional development opportunities for English language teachers and contribute to the growth and advancement of the TESOL community. By exchanging expertise, resources, and best practices, we aim to empower teachers and support their efforts in creating impactful learning experiences for their students.



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