We believe that leaders and managers in foreign language education play a vital role in fostering quality. While teachers in the classroom will always be the most important component in assuring student success, they need administrative support and leadership to maximise their own potential and the potential of their programs.
However, for members of the foreign language teaching profession, there are few opportunities to gain expertise and experience in management and leadership skills which are so necessary to give full support to teachers and programs. Nevertheless, TESOL Türkiye LAMSIG is one important way in which foreign language teaching professionals can contribute, share and gain know-how about all aspects of leadership and management.
If you have an interest in how foreign language teaching programs can most effectively manage and lead their resources to give students the best possible opportunities to be successful, we invite you to join us in the TESOL Türkiye LAMSIG. Together we can do great things! 
Welcome to the webpage of the TESOL Turkey Measurement-Evaluation-Testing-and-Assessment Special Interest Group – METASIG!
The primary aim of language assessment is to improve student learning and performance and if you cannot accurately measure learning, you cannot manage or improve it. With this belief in mind, we would like to bring together foreign language teaching professionals who share an interest in the field of language assessment and testing. We are aware that there are few opportunities to gain expertise and experience in language assessment and testing and therefore, we believe that TESOL Turkey METASIG will play an important role to assist foreign language teaching professionals in their efforts to maximize their language assessment knowledge and skills and improve learning and teaching processes in their institutions.
We are better together! Join us!
Welcome to TEDSIG - TESOL Türkiye's Teacher Education and Development Special Interest Group!
At TEDSIG, we are committed to the growth, development, and empowerment of English language teachers in Türkiye. Our primary focus revolves around pre-service teacher education, in-service teacher training, and trainer development, all with the aim of enhancing the quality of English language education across all levels.
At TEDSIG, we are passionate about advancing English language education. We invite you to join us in our mission to support and empower teachers and educators, contribute to their growth, and elevate the quality of English language education in Türkiye and beyond.
Explore our website to learn more about our events, resources, and how you can get involved. Together, we can make a difference in the world of English language teaching and learning.

Welcome to the TESOL Türkiye Quality in English Language Teaching Special Interest Group!

QUASIG aims to promote and facilitate the establishment of a culture of quality in English Language Teaching through sharing resources, ideas, and good practices.

As part of its activities, QUASIG provides guidance, consultancy, mentoring, and coaching through organizing workshops, seminars, and tailored training opportunities. It also facilitates networking among stakeholders with an interest in quality. Whether you are seeking guidance about accreditation or want help setting up a PD unit, QUASIG can support you.

Establishing a culture of quality can seem daunting but if we all work together, it can be achieved.

Together we can do great things! Please join and get involved!

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